Questions to Ask When Interviewing House Cleaning Companies


  1. Is your business licensed?
  2. Are you working under your own name or under a Business name?
  3. If working under a DBA (Doing Business As) who is the owner of the business?
  4. How long have you been in business?
  5. Are you insured? Can you provide proof of coverage?
  6. What insurances do you carry? (Liability is for damage to property, Workman’s’ compensation is for injury to the worker).
  7. Have you made any claims to your insurance within the last 6 months? Last Year? If so how many claims have you made and for what?
  8. Do you provide a written agreement of the services you provide? Do you provide a written copy of your policies?
  9. Do I have to sign a contract that binds me to service for a specific length of time?
  10. What happens if I am not happy with the service?
  11. Who provides the equipment and supplies? (** See below for more information)
  12. What cleaning products do you use? Do you carry MSDS sheet for each product? Professional cleaning services are required by law to do so.
  13. Does the cleaner know that a disinfectant is useless unless it has proper dwell time to be allowed to fully work? (At least 10 minutes).
  14. What type of training do you do with your personnel? Is this ongoing training?
  15. Do you perform criminal background checks and routinely drug test your employees?
  16. Can you provide references of several existing customers who can verify your professionalism?

* Customers who provide the equipment and supplies are generally considered the employers, thus make themselves liable for all employer related payroll costs and considerations (i.e. – withholding taxes and matching social security payments) as well as any disability or workman’s comp issues.

This information is provided courtesy of Petersons Maid-to-Order Cleaning Services, located in Fremont, CA. Maid-to-Order is an affiliate of Solano Maids.
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